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Achieving the ultimate hair & makeup look for your wedding is tough, but the bottom line is you’ve got to look top-notch. There’s truly a look for every type of bride and at ARLY, we work on redefining our beauty standards, tips and skincare knowledge to prep you for the day.

The journey starts 12 months before your wedding

Sorting out the priorities

Before we schedule you for your trial appointments or meet you for your pre-wedding. We encourage you to first confirm your bridal outfits and photographers before we decide on the looks for the special day. This helps with streamlining what work best for you and allow us to guide you through your journey thoroughly. At this point, we will be happy to receive your e-mail enquiry to find out more about yourself. Speak to us freely as you are important to us.

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9 months before

We love speaking to our clients about their needs and aspirations for their wedding day. That’s when we finally get to know you in person and guide you through decision making on the looks for special day. It will be our great honour to host you at our studio for a trial session before your special day. Of course, for the busy bee, we are more than happy to arrange a quick call via zoom to speak to you.

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Trial consultation is an assurance

At ARLY, our make up trial will take up to 2 hours. During the session, we will do a quick skin consultation before demonstrating one makeup look that might work with your gowns. We love talking about skincare, products that’s suitable for you. So please do not hesitate to speak to us if you need some guidance for your skincare prep before your special day. We will be eager to assist. So, the trial really help us to know you better and this connection with our bridal client hold so much meaning to us.  By the end of the trial, you will know exactly what we can offer and how we can improve to make you look the best in time to come.

If you love what we did for you, you may place a 50% deposit to secure your booking with us.

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Guiding you through your journey,

One month prior to your special day, we will check in on your skin condition and send a beauty checklist to get you ready via E-mail. We will also assist you if there’s any burning concerns to it.
One week prior, we will require an itinerary via WhatsApp or E-mail and be there on time.
Once the service is completed, the balance 50% payment will be sent to by our account manager.

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